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April 2020

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

April was another slow month, with the Corona virus still continuing to spread the lockdown, in India was extended till mid-May. Towards the beginning of the month, I focused on making new music and started 6 new projects; 5 originals and 1 remix. More dj’s started live streaming sets and we even had our first entirely virtual music festival organised by Excision called Couch Lands which was a massive success. There was also the Travis Scott virtual concert on Fortnite, but it is something that has been done in the past by the likes of Marshmello. 

There was also an entire bunch of new music released and I think my favourite has to be Quix’s remix of Happy Place by Alison Wonderland which has been teased since 2018 when her album was released. Click here to check it out.

A special mention has to also be given to Something Else by Rezz and Grabbitz. The lyrics of this track complement the eerie and dry feel of the breaks which creates a paradox in contrast to what feels like a wet and hard-hitting drop. 

Lastly, Astronomia by 32Stitches & Hoober samples the 2014 hit by Vicetone & Tony Igy and gives a nostalgic and euphoric feeling with a modern future bass vibe, definitely worth listening to!

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