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April 2021

Yooo how’s everyone doing? I’m back after my bout with Covid last month. I hope ya’ll enjoyed last months guest-written blog. I spent most of last month recovering in quarantine working on a lot of music and rearranging my DJ library (something I’ve put off for almost 3 years) in preparation and anticipation of shows (when they return). My country is pretty much back in lockdown so I’ve been working on putting out some awesome new content. I’ve recently started posting reels on my Instagram, make sure you check them out here!

There has been so much new music released this month it’s crazy I reviewed almost 150 new songs for this months blog to pick my favourites.

Imagine it’s the year 2082 you’ve just taken a hit of an advance drug that customizes its high to the user. You sit on a hill relaxing, watching flying cars zip by. 2082 by madj and midnight alpha will make you want to just take a step back and take in all the sights.

Icarus keeps the chilled vibe going, Miro Imani’s soothing voice will serenade your ears while the drums have you vibing out to its beats!

Lost Heaven by Taroko has some of the most beautiful percussions I have heard in a while in the drops. The breaks counter the energy in drops, almost bringing you to a still, sucking you in and then releasing you in the drop, urging you to soar towards the Heavens.

Bryan Dean brings the house-y vibes with their remix of Montero by Lil Nas X. The vocal chops will have you grooving and dancing.

Human by Layzx, although a bit generic, doesn’t disappoint. The pulsing saws instill a feeling of utopia you get when you go to a music festival and in times like these that is much needed.

Have you ever craved to experience the intense high of Sleeping Pills without trying them? Well, this is the song for you! Sleeping pills by Xenon Dream will melt your brain with its dark and distorted basses.

Take Me, more like, take my soul…

Take me will take your soul and toss it in a blender in the drops and will have you unwinding at a beach with its summer anthem-y vibe in the breaks.

I don’t listen to hard trap All The Time but when I do I listen to all the time by Angia. Jokes apart it’s been a while since I’ve heard some good hard trap songs and I was glad I came across this song!

Admin by Nimda is the type of song for which you will want to be right in front of the stage riding the rail getting your rib cage crushed and having so much bass shot at your ear that it begins to bleed!

This month you get a completely balanced experience with Sleeping Pill melting your MIND, getting your BODY destroyed with Admin and getting your SOUL blended with Take me.

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