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December 2020

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

5…4…3…2…1… HAPPY NEW YEAR (How about we just pretend that I’m not 9 days late)

Not going to lie this was kind of a tough year but we’ve made it through. I’m sure just like me you’ve all had some highs and some lows this year. My biggest low for the year was that it’s been 12 months since I’ve played a gig for real. It’s been 12 months since I played that 1 last song of the night where everyone goes wild, even though it’s always the same song, I miss hearing it. It’s been 12 months since I got to feel the nervous high, right before I got to play my first song.

I know this might be minuscule compared to the hardships some others might have faced during this period but for someone who’s only passion is music this had a tremendous effect

On the other hand, I was able to complete both my degrees in Music Production and Business Management while securing a 2:1 in both. I got to launch this website which let me start this blog to share all the amazing music that was released this year.

That being said I hope you all have a stellar 2021 and achieve whatever it is you dream of!

Moving on to the music that was released this past month.

Quick heads up, it was awesome!

FLY High by LBM will have your head soaring through the clouds with its smooth sax and chilled out drums

La fontana by Simber has a relaxed melody that'll make you feel as though you are sitting out on a bench on a spring evening, reading a book while listening to the calming sound of water by the fountain.

Thinkin' Bout U by Steve Marks is just an overall super groovy track! This is definitely one of those tracks that’s going to make you wish you were at a music festival! Check it out HERE!

This remix of Tera by Divyesh Rajpal and 'Nowhere but Here' starts of with some super smooth vocals before slipping into the original vocal which is accompanied by tablas and deep impact-full 808's

4 in the morning by Risk-E is plain and simply just overwhelming that it makes you feel so empowered and I’m not even sure why it does that. Just overall top-notch production!

JULIEN FROM FLORIDA brings the super uplifting vibes with FLORIDA MAN MAKES A BANGERRRRRRRRRR. This song just makes you want to vibe the fuck out!

Hatemail is a perfect harmony of emotional vocals and wavy synths by Jeremy Amato

DaWave & MVTHEOS bring the max heat with Max flame. A banger with flawless basses and sound design reinforced with some really cool guitar riffs

If you’ve been anywhere near tik-tok or Instagram you’re sure to have heard Hai Phút Hon, a song that Borgore decided to flip on its head and then completely destroy!

Death Waltz is a song that will annihilate your soul before melting your eyes out of your skull. This song needs to start with a health advisory for the amount of filth your being is about to experience!

Since this year was spent my most DJ’s playing sets and sharing them online I thought I’d share some of my favourite sets of the year!

Krewella Throwback DJ Set - this is super nostalgic set by the Krewella sisters paying homage to the 2012 era of EDM. Check it out HERE!

San Holo - goodbye 2020 set - this end of the year set gets super wavy and is really aesthetically pleasing to even watch. Check it out HERE!

MADEON DJ SET - This is a super chilled out set and has an amazing mash-up of someone else by razz and blinding lights by The Weeknd. Check it out HERE!

What So Not - Djakarta Warehouse Project 2020 - this is another chilled set from the terrace of a bungalow with an awesome view and an amazing crowd. I would have loved to be there live for this one. Check it out HERE!

Borgore - Live From Tel Aviv - Borgore does Borgore things and there were mosh pits at listeners houses. Check it out HERE!

Alison Wonderland - Digital Mirage Festival Livestream - This is by far my favourite set of the year! Must check it out! Check it out HERE!

Let me know what was your favorite set released this year in the comments below?

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