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December 2021

Yooo HAPPY NEW YEAR! How are you doing? Hope you had an amazing but safe Christmas and New Year! I had an amazing December, I got to hang with some friends who had come back over the holidays! I also released a new remix of Baaraat by Ritviz and Nucleya.

F3ralcat brings the worlds of jazz and electronic together with When I'm back on my. They create a contrast between the relaxing and jazzy breaks and the vibrant electronic segments.

This song by Zayah b is the kryptonite to all the bad vibes and negative energies that are out there. The energetic vocals blend perfectly with the powerful supersaws to cultivate an amazing vibe

Eerie vocals and a thumping and aggressive drop are the best way to describe BADVOID’s remix of rockstar by BIJOU.

Get your bass faces ready cause ya’ll are going to need it for this one!

Earl the Kid’s Glazed Error will have you whipping your head all around the place!

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