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February 2021

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Yoo, how's it going? Good? Yeah me too, me too. Well, you came here to check out some music so let's get to it.

Chota Bhalu drops their debut single called Yeaeee which is best described by themself as a mixture of lofi vibes, chill chords, and swing beats. If you close your eyes and just imagine for a second; you’d feel the summer breeze through your hair, the warm sun as you relax on the beach and the refreshment from a chilled cocktail. Well, that is until you open your eyes, back to reality it is then!

Divyesh Rajpal is once back once again after his amazing collaboration last month with his first single, featuring Pavit Sanghera. You’ll be left to Reminisce about simpler times where you were just chilling out at the playground, watching cartoons, not a stress in the world

Lost in Breeze by boomba will have you feeling like you are floating in the wind on a journey to an unknown destination which is your own personal utopia. Click HERE to check it out!

We all occasionally have destructive thoughts in our mind, and we need to find a Better Way to deal with them. Well, this song by Pliumbum is exactly that.

I’m not a big fan of melodic dubstep but Midnight Flute by RayJhin is just awesome. This song has a super catchy melody and bass and drums that are on point.

Klown is not clowning around and brings the dirt, with their latest release Dirtbag. The unique rhythm is bound to have you in the middle of the mosh pit when this is dropped live.

Shroud brings light to the Darkness with their latest cause it’s straight fire! Make sure you have a steady rail set up before listening to this cause the headlining is about to commence.

Were you ever about to something Wreckless and wonder “Hmm what might be the perfect soundtrack for this?” well wonder no more cause this is it. The window shattering bass and booming kicks will make your neighbours feel as though you are in the middle of an earthquake.

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