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January 2021

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Yooo how’s it going? I’m chilling thanks for asking.

I’ve had a decent start to the year and then it’s all gone to shit :( I fell really sick for almost a week (luckily not covid) and some other personal stuff. I hope the new year has been better to ya’ll than it has to me!

That being said let's get into this months music!

Likela and Kelsey Jane come together with the smooth and dark vibes with their track Sands of Time. I’m not entirely sure how to describe this track other than saying that it is very catchy in Billie Ellish kinda way? Check it out HERE!

Yeah, I really like her by Neji uses samples from mask off over a super relaxing and posh beat to create a super calming vibe.

Instagram by Cemill has a super chilled out beat and vocals that will teleport you to the beach with all your friends on a warm spring evening.

W1zzard’s remix of Samishii uses stoning drums and glittery synths to create a super wholesome vibe that will push out all your thoughts of loneliness. <3

I feel two blessed to have gotten the opportunity to hear Wander by TwoMuch & BL3SS. Beautiful and colourful synths are guaranteed to uplift you!

Blood Moon by Thnder is a super heavy and super dark track with screeching synths which will blow you to the moon and back!

Blood and Guts by Slimer is going to have you drowning in a pool of your own blood and guts

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