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July 2021

Yooo! How you doing? Good? Great! Me too, I’ve had an amazing month. I’ve been recording some new music and finishing up some older projects. With the lockdown restriction being partially lifted now I got to have some amazing times meeting friends again!

This month was filled with some amazing releases and more importantly Swedish house Mafia releasing their first track since they’ve gotten back together.

Now I’m not going to lie to you and say that this song is going to bend Time and space, but damn does it come close. Mnstrm & Katala have made a song so relaxing that you will lose track of time.

Sara Benyo is back again this month along with Yezzi with their track Too late. Their angelic voice and amazing production combination will have you forgetting about all your problems while you melt into a mush of calmness

I’m sure by now everyone has heard Supersonic but Alias’ remix is just something else. They’ve infused so much energy into a drop that in the original version is so slow, you might not want to hear the original version after this. (sorry Skrillex, still love you though <3)

Silence is often caused by a loss of words and that’s exactly how you will feel while listening to this banger by Figmvnt. Also, make sure you have a broom and dustpan on hand you are going to need it to wipe your shattered jaw off the floor.

THE INFAMOUS’ release RIDE OR DIE has some crazy basses and even crazier switch-ups that definitely make this a banger worth listening to on loop!

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