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June 2020

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

I started off the month by playing my first online gig for ‘Spread a Smile India’ an NGO dedicated to enrolling underprivileged children to schools. I ended the month by submitting my last assignments for Point Blank Music School. Finally a graduate now WOOHOO!

This month was filled with some banging releases and some amazing remixes!

SAYMYNAME is back at it with some hard-hitting dubstep although different from his usual Hard Trap style he yet manages to add his flavour and screechy synths to this bass-heavy tune.

Big love is best described as a feel-good song with summer anthem vibes. Louis the child released their debut album with many more awesome tunes such as this one!

Peekaboo teamed up ISOxo to bring all the nastiness you can imagine and then some. Their power-packed

song “POWERMOVE” will defiantly have your face melting!

Next up on my list is the title track from Kultivate’s Busted EP and this shit slaps harder than an angry mother!

Lastly is Flume’s remix of Blue by Eiffel 65 that’ll have you feeling like the matrix is glitching with those amazing chops in the drop

You ever feel like the matrix is glitching and you get nostalgic cause you’ve felt this way before? No? Well that’s exactly the feeling to expect to when listening Flume’s remix of Blue by Eiffel 65.

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