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June 2021

Yooo, how’s it going everyone?

I’ve been chilling, working, the usual. I haven’t released anything lately cause I’m working on something big and can hopefully tell you all a bit more about it soon! Anyway, let’s get into last months releases.

Niteshade brings the house vibes this month with this ABSOLUTE banger called Vodka. This high energy track is guaranteed to have you shuffling on the dancefloor with its fat baseline and upbeat percussions

In The beginning of time, there was nothing that was until BERNZIKIAL & Sara started a fire with a soothing vocal that leads into one of the craziest drops I’ve heard in a while.

Molek’s track Serum will have you melting into goo with its almost pluck like bass and banging drums

You’ll be ready to Throwdown in a matter of seconds after hearing Save yourself’s song. The drop will have you kicking, punching and in general flailing to save your life!

You ever try calling someone and get frustrated when you hear a Busy signal? Well 2FAC3D captures that emotion perfectly in what starts off as a fairly generic psytrance drop and out of nowhere switches to most head banging, phone smashing worthy dubstep drop

This next song is just not safe for ordinary listeners plain and simple, even after years of going to festivals, head banging, potentially injuring their necks some of the most experienced listed can’t handle it. This song is just too Overpowered!

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