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March 2021

It brings me immense joy and pleasure to step into the shoes of our very own DJ KC for this month’s monthly round up! To begin on a personal note, DJ KC, my best friend, is someone who I have always bonded over music since I can remember. I have nothing but respect for him and know that this is just the beginning of his journey as a electronic producer and DJ. Keep it up bud!

Speaking of the man himself, the March Roundup opens with his own rendition and remix of Peaches by Justin Bieber! I absolutely love how the lyrics finely accompany the future bass vibe KC is going for. It is very melodic whilst all the elements of the track are put together in symphony. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Another song (and artist) I thoroughly enjoyed in this playlist is red leather by 53 Thieves. After listening to their EPs, I have got to say that Red Leather does not disappoint one bit. The track stands firm to the artist’s deep and melodic sounds. I even enjoyed the vocals on the track and the way it smoothly transitions to the drop (which has elements of chopped up vocals in it).

Fall Into The Night by Able Grey was a pleasant surprise. The forte of this song lies in the way it progresses from the lyrics to the drop. I was initially skeptical about the length of the track but it just kept giving. I could totally imagine this as a track to end an incredible set with its ambient feel to it.

Okay, so its time to crank it up a notch from Track 7 onwards with heavier and filthier bass lines and dubstep bangers. I did prefer the first drop to the second in NOSEBLEED by Ray Volpe but this one track alone exemplifies the artist’s various talents.

I would hands down mention one of my favourite tracks on the list is Shi Ting by Astroreign (ft. SVBER). If you’re prepping for a battle and need to get all pumped for it, you have got to listen to Shi Ting! It quite literally packs a punch. From the encore, guitar with distortion to the bass filthy drop, this song is an absolute beast for an avid headbanger. Ever thought of owning a Turbo Charged Horse? No? This track might make you want to reconsider that.

Just as the playlist started to get heavier, I did not know what to expect of the light and almost unexciting buildup in The Winds of Chaos by EH!DIE as well as Your Luv by Trampa, but oh my! I’m sure both these tracks would morph my symmetrical face into if I stood in front of concert sized speakers. I believe the style of an almost unenthusiastic buildup with an incredibly of a drop is what makes these two tracks an absolute gem.

It has been a while since I’ve heard a good hard bass track and I’m glad that wait has finally ended with KILLZO – Mosh Pit. This song surely makes me miss the exhilaration one faces while launching their body into a mosh pit.

I think the filthiest track of all on the playlist has got to be Assassin by Babylon P. I do not have too many words for this one since the track and music in it speaks for itself. An ideal track for a bass and dubstep loving fan.

On the whole, the entire playlist is very versatile and sheds light on the talents of many upcoming artists, including our very own DJ KC himself. While it is surely difficult to pick favourites from this playlist, I would say that my personal top 3 are: Peaches (DJ KC remix), Red Leather by 53 Thieves and Shi Ting by Astroreign. From soft melodies, progressive beats and groovy rhythm to total aggressive headbangers this playlist will surely make you want coming back for more.


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