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March 2022

Yooo, hope you are doing well? Last month had been insane for me I got to travel with friends and family, got to see some talented artists perform live and had shows every weekend it was really difficult to do anything else, but I ain’t complaining! All my shows went well and the crowd was always insane.

Here are some pictures from last month's shows:

But that's enough about me. Let’s get to all the awesome music released in March. This month I have tried to keep my focus on Indian artists and I plan to keep it that way in the future. (That doesn’t mean I’m not going to be featuring artists from other countries as well)

First up we have Found Me by TwoMuch and Bl3ss. This track has the most beautiful vocals and an uplifting future bass drop. This summer-y song is definitely worth checking out!

This next song keeps the feel-good theme going and is for sure to brighten up your day. Smg is back again with another anthem, brighter days. The super catchy chorus combined with the uptempo makes this the perfect pool party anthem!

Pareshaan with the monotony of everyday life? Well so were Katoptris and Bebhumika when they were inspired to write this honest reflection of their feelings. The hinglish lyrics are backed by a hopeful track that will leave you feeling inspired and ready to tackle whatever is coming next. Check it out HERE!

You know what I’ve always wished for? I’ve always wished for a track that is the perfect combination of BOLLYwood and TRAP. Well, Bolly Trap by Paranox is exactly that. He employs a phrase from a very popular bollywood song along with amazing instruments and a hard-hitting drop to achieve this astonishing combination.

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