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May 2021

First things first I have started my own discord server and it’s been a lot of fun. Click HERE to join!

I have also made 2 new playlists called “Feel good (sunshine)” and “Put me to sleep (lo-fi/Chill)” which are available on Apple Music and Spotify. Click HERE to check them out!

I’ve just been taking some time off this month I worked on some music trying out some different styles but for the time being, I think I’m going to be keeping these tracks to myself, till I feel it is the right time to release them!

Overall there weren’t too many tracks that were released this month I think. anyway here are my favourites!

Blissbodied by Nlytn starts of with calming chords and an alap, which are countered by the rising tension of the arp that along with the drums reach a blissful climax in the drop. Nlytn uses silence within the drop to create a massive impact on the next beat, this silence and impact signify the “utter shock when an epiphany hits you” to him.

You ever feel introspective and feel that our lives as humans are so puny and small in the larger scheme of things; so meaningless and unworthy? Well Benevolent Gods by 12K will make you realize how untrue that is, it will make you realize that there is happiness to be found even in the smallest of things… Jk this song will truly make you understand how pointless our lives our

Apparently, Aveon’s been working with NASA on their project to simulate Gravity in space and just showed NASA why they wasted billions of $ instead of just asking Aveon to cook up a banger in the first place. The bass will cause your head to gravitate towards the floor and back up no matter what planet you are on!

Do ya’ll know what is grinds my gears? Well, it's shitty dubstep is what it is, but that's not what Gear Grinder is. Aggressive synths and drums will bring the gears of your brain to a grinding halt!

Cerberus will leave you feeling as though your body is being ripped, limb by limb, by a tri-headed dog while you are left head banging of a spike

"When setting the mood for your next seance it is important to select the correct music as to not upset the spirits" is the best advice a Necromancer will ever give you and this song by ZoTliK is the perfect song for the job.

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