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May 2022

Heyy! How are ya’ll doing? I hope ya’ll have had an awesome May. I’m still chilling out a bit and recovering. I’m not getting back into gigs yet, so that sucks, but overall, I am feeling much better! Hopefully, I should be getting back to doing shows soon! I’ve been spending my time hanging out with friends and working on some new music so its not all been bad!

I had some amazing submissions sent to me this month!

First up we have a song that will make you believe that you can take over the world HOWever U WANT! WLLWS’ distorted saws and melodic vocal chops will truly make you believe you can be the king/queen of the world!

Next up is Groover Theory by Krma, although this track is a bit different from what I usually share here but it is still awesome and worth checking out!

REFLECTION by chaos reach is a super inspirational and uplifting piece of music that will make you transcend space and time on a thought-provoking inward journey!

“These songs were cool and all but where is the head banging, speaks blasting dubstep” I hear you ask? Well, may I present to you MK-Ultra by Doc Glock and Frantik as well, as Codebreaker by AG these songs should more than satisfy your needs for screaming alien basses, also if that isn’t enough do check out Illenium’s song Shivering. Who knew Illenium could make dubstep like that?

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