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November 2020

11 down 1 more to go! We are finally at the end of 2020, that some say has officially been the longest year EVER! I hope you had an awesome November, just like I did!

The first song on my list this month is Thin Joy by Hotza. Although the name doesn’t really mean anything I can not think of a more perfect way to describe this super chill track. Click HERE to check it out!

It’s not okay for you to not have heard this amazing song by 10 Flip! You ever been feeling sombre and someone comes along and says “it's not too bad”, “it’s okay” but the only thing you feel like “It’s not okay” well this song is the auditory representation of that and its amazing.

On the way features an amazing beat with some really cool sax accompanied by vocals that are best described as sunshine personified.

N U T H I N' 2 _ I T keeps the cool jazzy vibes going and for some reason leaves you feeling optimistic and as if life does have some meaning 2 it!

Juicy basses will get you wet and I ain’t talking about the Rain ;) Qbik’s remix of rain by papa khan will have you vibing out to the max!

Say what? ARIANA GRANDE on a Dubstep track? Phaase Rings together the perfect combination of heavy basses and harmonious vocals! 3.5/5 Bass faces

OWLERZ bring the Energy with their latest track. Screeching basses and unique rhythm combine to create a high energy reaction in your brain! 4/5 bass faces

Dumb shit is the perfect track to hype you as you get prepared to do some Dumb Shit! 4/5 bass faces

Who let the Devil out? Who, who, who, who, who? Well, apparently Pelikann did! 4.5/5 bass faces

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