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November 2021

Yoo! How are you doing? I hope you had an insane November. Mine was pretty good and an amazing set-up for December which is usually pretty hectic as it’s a constant party month.

There were some awesome releases this month as well, a couple of them from members of my discord server (linked below)

Feeling lost and wondering what you want out of life? K3ss73r’s upbeat house track will have you motivated and vibing!

“Dear god sweet baby Jesus what the fuck was that?” was my exact reaction to hearing Autokorekt’s remix of A-O-K the first time……and then every time after that as well. I’m not going to say anything more about this remix cause there just isn’t any words to describe the roller coaster that this song is! 5/5 bass faces

BERNZIKIAL is back with another banger that starts with Shaq aggressively inviting people to shove him around in a Mosh Pit. The aggression translates to a headbanging drop with a really cool sliding bass that goes harder as the drop progresses 4/5 bass faces

Initiate headbanging in 3…2…1… VII DEAD’s track starts off as another “system malfunctioning” themed dubstep but quickly overwhelms you with heavy basses! 4/5 bass faces

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