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October 2020

Hey all, sorry for the delay in posting my October roundup I just got my laptop back from repairs! :(

I hope everyone had an amazing October and a super SPOOKY Halloween. Since I was busy moving this month I had taken a break from music and was focusing on learning Blender which is a 3D animation software, so that been super fun! I might start sharing some of my creation on my Insta so make sure you follow me there to check them out @itsdjkcofficial!

Let’s get into this months release, shall we?

No in-betweens this month, all the releases were either super chill or super heavy

I released my remix of Indian Summer by Jai Wolf this month. Beautiful synths infuse with the tablas to create an overwhelming drop with some Indian Spice! Check out the music video HERE!

LeeSan flips Boombox Cartel’s 2018 banger Whisper adding trap-ier synths to give it a more modern vibe yet while maintaining the original chilled vibe of the song

The next song on my playlist is One Dance. No no not the one you are thinking about! ;)

SMG and friends come together for a beautiful song with light drums, smooth synths and silvery vocal synergize to create a vibrant drop!

Vintage car by Dr Tikov is there perfect to be playing on your vintage Mustang as you drive down a road with palm trees on either side on a beautiful spring evening

Zayah and group of Superhumans come together to create the ultimate future bass banger with smooth vocals and a zealous drop! You can stream it on Spotify HERE!

Get your bass face ready cause level up brings the heat with her remix of Rescue by Zeds Dead and Dion Timmer. The stabby bass along with thumping kick and chest shattering sub mush perfectly to create the perfect drop!

Draeden’s track Crossfire leaves dead centre in the scope of the deep, impactful drums while dark bass hits are fired at you!

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