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October 2021

Yoo how is everyone doing? I had an amazing October. I got back behind the DJ booth for the first time in over 2 years and my god what a rush it was. A complete mixture of nervousness and excitement, you know? Anyway, the gig went really well and was a lot of fun, I look forward DJ’ing again in the coming months.

This month also had some amazing music releases. For me this month was dominated by bass music releases .here are my favorite ones!

Have you ever wondered what is it like to love? The feeling of caring for someone else more than yourself? Well in the next 4 minutes and 35 seconds you are going to understand that and a lot more about love from the lovely piece of music by Yash Bansal. Please do go and check out the rest of his album HERE!

Get lost in the eccentric bases of Chrona and rediscover yourself as modern age wook, and proudly exclaim this is who I am now!

Konundrum is back again with another banger! Game Over’s screech basses and upbeat drums tie in well together to create a very captivating and catchy rhythm!

BERNZIKIAL’s remix of Knife talk will have you dumb lit with its wobbly drop and reverberating deep vocals

Bad Proxy’s octavia has a dark, pulsating and gritty drop that will have you ripping your ears off and smashing your head on a wall. 4/5 bass faces

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