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September 2020

I hope you all had an awesome September, I worked on a lot of new music so stay tuned for that. My new flip of Indian summer by Jai Wolf comes out later this month to get early access to it and all future releases make sure to subscribe to my mailing list!

This month had some amazing releases!

Constellations by Quibble is an amazing festival anthem type song with luscious synths and powerful lyrics. This song is definitely inspired by artists like Illenium and will have you vibing every time you hear it!

Insomnia is sure to keep you up and pumped all night with the amount of energy and filth packed in this banger by Tryple & BVSSIC! 4.5 out of 5 bass faces!

Written by Dodge & Fuski from their Pretty Good Mode EP is a solid 4 out of 5 bass faces!

Are you ever just sitting calmly and chilling but mentally are riding the rails at Lost Lands? Nah, just me? Ironhide’s Rise of the Machines will have you doing exactly that!

Speaking of Lost Land, Excision started his own label, SUBSIDIA. On their launch day they dropped 3 albums with a whopping total of 118 tracks. You can check out the 2 albums here:

Future Back brings the positive vibes with their super bouncy track One Time. The fun vocal chops are super tidy and really bring the drop together.

Crankdat is back with another Re-Crank, this time he flips Don Toliver’s No Idea. He maintains the chilled vibe of the original song with beautiful chords in the break and arps in the build before he flips it front to back, upside down and then inside out to the point where you have no idea what’s going on in the drop. 4 out of 5 bass faces!

Sun’s out, Gun’s out am I right? Jk, I’ll show myself out. Anyway, you should definitely check out Nexeration’s Lo-fi super chilled and mellow banger Sun’s out!

My favorite song of this month has to be LUMA DRIVE by Voltra. The screaming synths along with the powerful drums make the drop a powerhouse! 5 out of 5 bass faces!

Gravity is like an anti-gravity song for your soul. It is just one of those songs that will lift your spirit super high no matter how you are feeling!

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