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September 2021

Sooo I’ve been M.I.A. for a while. But on the flip side, I’ve been working super hard on my EP and was shooting a music video last month. But anyway that enough about me lets get to the music, shall we?

Put your headphones on and feel all your problems being washed away like a wave in the ocean, feel the calmness take over your body is the only way to describe Allysia’s track Singularity.

Disco Killed The Drummer brings the dark and deep vibes with this banger of a track, Everybody wants a troubled past.

Tick tock, what time is it? It’s headbang O’clock! This remix by Wobbleice & henry has some sick basses and an amazing rhythm

ZoTliK is back again with a crazy and Chaos filled remix. Once again he has delivered nothing but pure heat. This remix starts off relaxed and eventually builds up into a menacing drop.

If the world was to be Infected by a face-melting, flesh-eating zombie virus, I can guarantee you the only way to save the world would be with a dubstep gun that only plays this song.

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